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Pneumex is the original developer of Pneumatic Unweighting.  The first PneuWeight was built for the Seattle Supersonics  25 years ago


Warranty Registration


If a product purchased from Pneumex does not operate properly, Pneumex will repair or replace it at no charge, for up to one year from the date shipped.   In the course of repair or replacement, Pneumex may send you written recommendations on how to prevent a problem from occurring again.  Pneumex reserves the right to withdraw this warranty if recommendations are not followed.  The customer is responsible for freight charges both to and from Pneumex in all cases.

This warranty does not apply to compressors which are covered by the compressor manufacturers.

This warranty is exclusive and is in lieu of all other warranties whether written, oral or implied, including the warranty of fitness for any particular purpose.  Pneumex liability is in all cases limited to the replacement price of its product. Pneumex shall not be liable for any other damages, whether indirect, consequential, or incidental arising from the sale or use of its products.Pneumex sales personnel may modify this warranty, but only by signing a specific  written description of any modifications.