Rehab Program
“I have had a severe lumbar vertebra displacement for over two years.  I was waking up with so much pain in my left hip and down my leg I could barely get out of bed. I contacted the PneuThera Clinic and started therapy I was nearly pain free after about two weeks. Within a month I was completely pain free. I have and would recommend the PneuThera Clinic for rehabilitation therapy, especially if other treatments have failed”  Agnes Trapp Sandpoint, ID

Rehab Program
"When I came to the PneuThera Clinic, I was having back pain that prevented me from going about my daily activities. I was looking at the possibility of surgery.  The PneuThera Clinic gave me another option and took the pain away immediately. I now have a long term plan and feel that we have treated the cause and not just the symptoms. Thank you.”  John Knowles Sandpoint, ID

Fitness and Sports Training Program
I’ve always been self-motivated, competitive, and willing to push myself physically in athletics, so joining a health club was not what I was looking for when I turned 40. I knew that I really wanted to pick it up a notch physically. Call it a mid-life crisis, but I wanted more. My balance and agility have improved tremendously. My race speed has improved too. There is nothing like looking down at your watch and seeing that you are cruising at a 6.45 minute mile and still feel like you can go FASTER!! Jen Merwin Sandpoint, ID

Rehabilitation using PneuThera Shoulder protocol
“In 2 sessions with standard Therapy using massage, e- stim and pulleys over the door we had a 2-4 degree improvement in range of motion with a lot of pain and swelling.

When we switched to the PneuThera Shoulder protocol using the Pneu Vibro Trac Table and shoulder protocol range of motion increase from 92 degrees to 145 degrees a 50 + degree improvement with minimal pain and less swelling.

Adding the PneuThera Shoulder Protocol to our program has added a new dimension to our ability to treat shoulders. “
Jay T Ellis PT, DPT, CSCS   Idaho Falls, ID

Patient History PneuBack Program

In June 2012, shoulder pain symptoms began in both shoulders. Pain 6/10 intermittent, increased at night, right > left, increased with flexion – 8/10 with flexion at shoulder

December 12, 2012 went to see Dr. Read Neurosurgeon. Ordered MRI, and on the 14th, he indicated ---- 4 cervical discs severe neural canal narrowing. Surgery not recommended as fusion of all segments would be the surgery. Ordered PT.

February 2013: Received PT to include: needling and manipulation. The symptoms centralized and intensified with these treatments. Also tried supine traction and unweighting and re-posturing with Pneuchair.  Pain now in cervical spine 8/10. Worse in afternoon. Began using codine for pain.

March 26, 2013: received facet injection from Dr. Pinzon. 80% of symptoms were relieved

April 10, 2013 received epidural to cervical spine. All symptoms gone. Pinzon indicated that the results are likely to be temporary and the next step would be a rhizotomy.

In July 2013, even though there were no symptoms during the day I began to experience pain at night that seemed to be associated with lying position. Pain at 8/10, every night in central cervical spine and shoulders. Now the regular pattern of sleep was 3 hours between 4 and 7AM. Unable to go to sleep due to pain with as many as 3 Codine.  Daily pattern now falling asleep in chair in afternoon.

Cardiology work up with normal EKG on 9/27/13, Normal stress test on 10/28/13 and normal echocardiogram on 10/28/13.

10/11/13: went to Chicago and received first treatment of the PneuVibrotrac Table using the PneuD.U.Q., and cervical attachments. I slept all night with out pain after that treatment. Had a second treatment on the 12th and experienced the same results. I returned to Knoxville and slept all night, each of the next 3 nights, then the old nightly pain pattern returned but at 4/10.

The pain gradually began to increase and on the 20th of October I traveled to Sandpoint Idaho, to receive more of the PneuVibrotrac Table treatments. I also received treatment with the PneuBack chair and the PneuWeight treadmill exercise. I received treatments for 5 days in succession. Each night I experienced 0/10 to 2/10 pain level. Sleep patterns began to improve.  After returning the Knoxville on the 25th, again experienced 4 days/nights of relief from pain. On the 30th of October, the nocturnal pain patterns returned at 3-4/10.

On the 5th of November received first treatment of the PneuVibrotrac Table, PneuBackchair and the PneuWeight treadmill in Knoxville. Because treatments were now being received 3x/week the nightly pain was not experienced every night when sleeping with a neck roll and no pillow.  The occasional very intermittent pain experienced was 2-3/10. Main issue now is not sleeping

On Saturday, the 23rd of November, I injured my neck when straining to separate an electrical cord connection. The pain returned in the evening, constant beginning at 4/10 and growing to 6/10 at night. The treatment on Monday the 25th returned the pattern previous to the injury. Lifting a box (10#) the first week on December resulted in the same exacerbation which was resolved as before.

Sleep patterns are improving. Ben Johnson Knoxville, TN


We have had good use of the PneuWalker for a large variety of patients: SCI, stroke, GBS, etc.  We had great success with a female stroke patient.  She came to us unable to sit edge of bed without assistance, L paresis and L neglect.  She improved her sitting balance and eventually we were able to stand her in the PneuWalker.  The patient went from having 0/5 strength on the left side to walking over 100 feet with minimum assist with a cane.  The PneuWalker was a great way to begin standing and ambulation safely as her strength and function returned.

Breanne Madden PT, DPT, NCS   Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center      Los Angeles, CA


During the spring of 2010 I suffered an accident that triggered a neurological disorder known as “Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)”. This disorder is life threatening to many people including myself. Conventional medicine has nothing to offer people with this condition other than pain management. I did not choose the “management” route. Therefore, my only choices were to either slowly die from this condition or develop a custom protocol that did in fact reverse my condition.   In the beginning my nervous system slowly started malfunctioning causing me great difficulty to walk. Eventually I lost my ability to walk due to various reasons such as but not limited muscle atrophy, pain, altered peripheral circulation, and nervous system deterioration. Due to the fact that I lost the ability to walk or even stand for that matter, I needed to include a technology that could potentially address all of my deficits in one device (regarding re-learning how to stand/sit and walk normally.) My research came down to two companies Pneumex and AlterG.
As of now (9/13/2013) I am currently using the new “Pneumex Double Header Rehabilitation Treadmill” on a daily basis. The unweighting capability is critical to have as CRPS causes rapid bone loss in the affected areas (my legs and feet). The bone loss results in bone pain and risk of fracture with excessive weight bearing before the body can adapt to the load. The “Pneumex Unweighting System” is crucial to have to gradually load the body with gravity while avoiding stress fractures/fractures and soft tissue injuries. Therefore, when I started the rehabilitation with the new treadmill a few months ago a higher percentage of my body weight was temporarily unweighted. I was not able to walk for quite some time so walking for the first time felt very foreign to me. Slowly my body is becoming stronger and the neurology of walking and balancing is coming back. The “Pneumex Double Header Rehabilitation Treadmill” is built to last for a long time because it is made to military specifications.
One of the best parts of purchasing from Pneumex is the knowledge they share in rehabilitation protocols using their technology. I also must say that the customer support is very helpful and the staff is extremely knowledgeable in the various products that they offer. I also have their “PneuWalker” which is built to last and very functional. Dr. Daniel Aviv D.C. Lakewood, NJ

PneuWeight- PneuWalker-PneVibe
“We are using the PneuWeight, PneuWalker and vibration on a daily bases with our ASIA a previously diagnosed Spinal Cord injuries.

Using Pneumex vibration and unweighting equipment daily has allowed our patients to progress in an incredible way to increase neurological progress.

When the patient is placed on vibration prior to getting onto the treadmill with unweighting we have had miraculous results in just 8 weeks.

Those results are:

Sensation in the patients feet
Ability to activate quads
Some foot movements
Increase in circulation
 Adding the PnueWalker to our treatment regimen has allowed us to practice the same treatment approach to walking over ground.  Walking over ground is key to neurological recovery.  It allows the patient to concentrate on leg movements and muscle building.

Traditional Physical Therapy practices the patient would have to support the full weight of their body up with their arms.  With UnWeighting their arms are free.

Additionally in traditional Physical Therapy practices the patient would not be able to have mobility by themselves.  With Unweighting our patients can walk a mile on the unweighting unit free from physical therapist’s physical assistance.

 Using the Pneumex equipment compared to traditional physical therapy practices is less physically demanding on both Patient and Physical therapist. This aids in the progression of our neurological patients recovery process.”  Melanie Brennan PT  Rochester, MN