The PneuBack™ Programs are an aggressive, documentable approach to proactive and reactive back care. The emphasis is posture, flexibility, functional strength, and lifetime skills; designed to accommodate those with a variety of physical handicaps.


The process for backs begins with a

postural evaluation. The PneuMAP

 graphically measures postural curves

and lean and also provides a cost

effective non-invasive method of

documenting the Scoliotic curve

without the need for so many X-rays.

This measurement produces

recommended protocols for use with

the PneuBack Chair and a graph that

shows how the patient’s posture compares to an ideal.


The operating principle of the  VibroTrac Table is to employ  vibration to evoke  specific desired systemic responses (neurological and circulatory) and to utilize quadrant independent intermittent traction to evoke predictable physiological responses.

The VibroTrac Table allows for longitudinal traction on the spine,  with an emphasis on “unwinding” the spine using opposite lateral flexion to achieve de-rotation of vertebra.

 Quadrant specific Therapy


 The PneuWeight, an unweighting system using   pneumatic power provided by a small compressor and the PneuVest™ allows the patient to perform low-impact kinetic exercises in an upright, functional position. The PneuVest unweighting harness fits the patient like a snug vest with a strap positioned on the buttocks. The vest allows the patient to move in an upright, controlled and safe position. It effectively grips the body to support part of the patient’s weight. 


Using the PneuBack Chair with unweighting stabilizes the pelvis and eliminates recruitment of the lower extremities. Acute, chronic patients experiencing pain begin with up to 50% of their body weight taken off.  

With the printout of the postural protocols, corrections can be made on the PneuBack Chair. The basic principle behind the chair is to strengthen the erector spinae and effect change in   posture, reduce pain and increase range of motion. 

 Depending upon the patient, the process can include time on the PneuVibe Platform (with or without traction) either before or after unweighting. Vibration causes an involuntary muscle response, as the muscles respond the circulatory and lymph systems and synovial fluid are stimulated. Vibration also helps shut down central nervous guarding and GTO inhibition. We use several methods of stretching. Vibration aids in flexibility and the ability to break down the guarding impulse, thereby increasing mobility. We also use the stretch chair and manual stretching.


Pneumex has an unweighting model to fit every need; help your patients move on their own with a PneuWalker or with assistance on treadmills, stationary     bicycles, and stair steppers. 

The Pneu-Gait Foot Strap is designed to initiate a correct muscle firing pattern while walking.  It is  simple and effective way to dynamically correct  pronation, supination, external/internal rotation and drop foot, also as a gait assist .


PneuBack Programs Offered

  • Level One PneuBack
  • Gait and Balance
  • Neck and Shpoulder
  • Diabetic Neuropathy

 7 Steps to a Healthy Back

1. PneuM.A.P.

2. PneuVibe Table™

3. PneuWeight™

4. PneuBack™ Chair -                 

       stabilized unweighting

5. PneuBack™  Chair  -   

       specific recruitment

6. Clinical strengthening

7. Home maintenance



  •  Quantifies postural curves
  • Determines postural deficiencies
  • Monitors patient progress
  • Educates patients, doctors and insurance companies
  • Determines computerized protocols for the PneuBack™ Chai

PneuBack™ Chair

  • Trains proprio and neuro receptors to begin recognizing and maintaining a new postural alignment at specific levels
  • Isolates and strengthens specific levels along the vertebral column
  • Establishes specific strength and range of  motion deficiencies


  •  Buoyancy without  water.
  •  Exercise without fear of falling.
  •  Partial weight-bearing
  •  Early ambulation.
  •  360° rotation.
  •  Improves balance  & posture.
  • Early gait analysis &  correction


  • Elicit involuntary muscle response
  • Stimulate circulatory and lymphatic system
  • Relax guarding and  mobilize joint (knee,  shoulder etc.)
  • Increase the basic  metabolism

 PneuVibroTrac Table™

  • Cervical, multi-level thoracic and lumbar traction
  • High to Low Intermittent  traction table
  • Traction force  independently  adjustable: Right to Left-Head to Foot
  • Adjustable table height
  • Easy to use central  control
  • Multiple traction force options
  • Specific protocols for acute/chronic, herniations,  sciatica and radiculopathy
  • Adjustable amplitude  and frequency
  • Specially designed Pelvic Belt that allows for anterior,  medial, and  posterior force