The Pneumex

Fitness and Sports Training  programs have been developed by some of the country’s leading experts in human   performance, biomechanics, rehabilitation and athletics.


FAST has been designed to enhance performance regardless of age, sex or ability level.  All FAST programs begin with an individual assessment and address basic fitness issues, improving gait, balance, core strength, general conditioning, weight loss and quality of life. 


Each individual’s program is designed

to address personal goals and objectives

as well as “power leaks” identified in the

assessment.  Experience and goals are

considered to further assess the appropriate initial programming for each client or athlete. As fitness levels increase, more intense and specific programs are  introduced.  


The Level 1 Fitness Program touches on all of the  basic fitness   issues due to prolonged periods of inactivity for the general        population, balance and age-related conditions such as                 osteoporosis for the seniors, and fitness and weight loss for the obese.  Clients who are just finishing rehab and in some cases still doing rehab as well as the de-conditioned and people with chronic ailments that have kept them from  exercising fit into this            program.  Ages 4 to 94 find benefits and results they never dreamed possible.


In Level 2 the Fitness Program intensity is increased. This program allows ex-athletes to get themselves back into their sport.  Clients who have never before been physically active are running  races, golfing, playing tennis and finding themselves able to play soccer with grandkids.

Sport Training: Sports specific training with gait and posture assessment and correction. Finely tuning posture, gait and         balance to address individual needs.


Speed and Agility: A two day a week program with an              individualized biomechanical assessment and a customized        program to match.  Each athletes program features multi-planar high speed treadmill with PneuGait safety harness activities,     various plyometric activities and work on the PneuVibe Pro, band exercises designed to teach correct muscle firing  sequencing and upper and lower body separation, as well as a core flexibility      program.


Each athlete’s core program is designed to eliminate the “power leaks”. The performance gains and injury reductions all start here.


Strength and Power: A four day a

week program with all of the Speed

and Agility program plus additional

emphasis on a unique approach to

Olympic lifting on a vibration platform

and advanced plyometrics on vibration.

This is where records are broken.


The exercises done in this phase will include the multi-planar high speed treadmill with PneuGait safety harness, plyometric            exercises on the PneuVibe Pro along with the Band Exercise       System (BES) and abdominal/core exercises done in Phase I (usually at a higher level).

Whether the intensity level is fitness or sports specific, our FAST program is designed to meet the needs of your clientele.



Protocols for daily  training regimen consist of :


  • A dynamic stretch and warm-up
  • Postural correction in the PneuBack Chair.  (if necessary)
  • Over-speed training on the high speed treadmill
  • Plyometric and strength training on vibration
  • Intense core work utilizing unique methods developed by Pneumex. 

Seven Steps


Step 1  



          Body weight

          Body measurements

          Body fat

          Metabolic rate

          Blood pressure

          Seven functional tests


Step 2  

Unweighted Treadmill

Gait analysis

Gait enhancement



Step 3



Step 4


Challenging for fitness

High speed for sport


Step 5

PneuBack Chair™ Postural correction

Back strengthening


Step 6 

Core Strength



Step 7



Sports specific