Single and Double stations allow the Patent to perform low impact kinetic exercises in an upright functional position.  Each station is self-sufficient and has its own set of controls, so multiple treatments can be run simultaneously.
A mobile support unit.   Patent can stand upright and use both arms freely.   It eliminates many safety and balance issues and provides for a faster and safer return to balance and mobility.  Easily lifts patients from wheelchairs.


Single PneuWeight                           Double PneuWeight



                                                     PneuVibe Table

The PneuVibe Pro and Pro3 are industrial platforms designed to withstand the abuse of professional athletes. The PneuVibe Club, adds a myriad of benefits to your patient's care.  Easy step up and handlebars to help steady clients.
The VibroTrac Table allows for longitudinal traction on the spine,  with an emphasis on “unwinding” the spine using opposite lateral flexion to achieve de-rotation of vertebra.   Intermittent traction


                                                      PneuBack Chair


A great assesment tool, the PneuMap provides simple diagnosis and printed documentation. Can be used for measuring AP postural curves and lateral curves. 
Stabilize the pelvis to help eliminate the use of stomach and leg muscles to hold up the back and encourage the use of the smaller spinal muscles to support, and strengthen the back.

Gait and Back

                                                      PneuBack Saver

The PneuGait foot Strap provides the ability to dynamically correct a pronated or supinated gait, while initiating a correct muscle firing pattern during walking.  The PneuGait Assist Strap provides assistance in moving the foot forward while walking unweighted on a treadmill or with the PneuWalker over ground.
The PneuBack Saver opens up the discs by unweighting the spine. Comfortable, easy to use in vehicles, and wheelchairs, anywhere you sit for a long time.

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