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PneuGait Foot Strap

The PneuGait™ Foot Strap is designed to initiate correct muscle firing patterns while walking.  The PneuGait™ Foot Strap is a simple and effective tool for correcting pronation, supination and external / internal rotation. The PneuGait™ Foot Strap is designed for clinical and home use.

 Key Benefits:

  • Relief of hip, knee and foot pain
  • Change dynamic firing patterns
  • Alter loading pattern on knee and prevents hyperextension
  • Correct neuro-proprioceptive awareness
  • Reduce risk of ankle sprain
  • Enhance ankle rehabilitation
  • Cost effective
  • Universal sizing
  • Simple to use for patient and clinician
  • Effective lasting correction in a short period of time
  • Reducing repetitve stress due to hyperextension
  • Correction of Drop Foot
  • Maximizes heel strike
  • Retrains central nervous system
  • Prevents hyper extension.
  • Stabilizes knee
  • Stretches connective tissue.
  • Dynamically changes muscle-firing pattern 

Gait Correction

Order # (see below)                                 Patent #7094213 B1

Assembly Manual Testimonials

Videos PneuKnee

Videos TipToe

“I had the PneuGait Foot Straps protocol   performed for an old lateral knee injury.  After walking for 2-3 minutes, I felt like I was walking on clouds.  It’s fast, easy and very effective.  I can’t wait to become the “Knee Doc” in my town!"    Dr. Mike Hurst, DC 

“The PneuGait Foot Straps took my pain away within minutes and I don’t need knee surgery now.  It’s a miracle!"    Lois

Three styles:

1-Standard- for correcting pronation, supination, external / internal rotation 2-Rehab– for correcting drop foot 3-Gait Assist-for band assistance with forward movement

Order # SG-GFS Per Pair

Order # SG-GFSR Per Pair Order # SG-GASF Each