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Pneumex is the original developer of Pneumatic Unweighting.  The first PneuWeight was built for the Seattle Supersonics  25 years ago


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PneuMAP™ Measure Posture

Measures the posture curves and lean. The PneuMap provides simple diagnosis and documentation and can be used for measuring AP postural curves for providing a baseline and analysis at various points of treatment within rehabilitation or performance enhancement programs.

  Measures the Posture Curves and Lean 

  • Quantitate posture curves
  • Measure postural lean (forward/negative)
  • Monitor patient progress
  • Facilitate patient understanding and compliance
  • Provide documentation for referral sources and third party payer
  • Computer generated protocols for use with Pneu-Back Chair™
  • Standardize and simplify clinical protocols


This posture gauge graphically measures the postural curves and lean. Both the patient and the clinician can see how the patient’s posture compares to an ideal posture.








75 lb

Link to MAP Printout


Measure and Analyze Posture


Order # MC-MAP                                                Patent 6468233 B2

Quick reliable and cost effective. The PneuMap accurately shows postural deficiencies

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“The PneuMap provides our patients with that visual feedback on their progress and also a true representation of their posture. It also provides a visual representation to the physician of the patient’s posture.”       Johnny Galver  MPT

“Stan’s posture was constantly right lateral shifted and forward bent. The PneuMap allowed  Stan to see his progress.  Three weeks into treatment posture is maintained eight to nine hours without shifting.”   Dina Lund P.T., A.T.C