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Pneumex is the original developer of Pneumatic Unweighting.  The first PneuWeight was built for the Seattle Supersonics  25 years ago


The PneuBack Chair retrains muscles.  Unweighting in certain postural altitudes with a fixed or stabilized pelvis allows for more effective lumbar distraction technique.  This encourages the erector muscles to loosen up and allow more spinal mobilization.

Stabilized Unweighting System  

  • Train proprio and neuro receptors to begin recognizing and maintaining a new postural alignment at specific levels.
  • Allows for strength evaluation at specific levels along the vertebral column.
  • Isolates and strengthens specific levels along the vertebral column.
  • Establishes specific strength and range of motion deficiencies.


Key Benefits

  • Increase range of motion
  • Stabilize the pelvis
  • Postural changes
  • Limited ROM
  • Strength/recruitment issues
  • Hyper/hypo mobile
  • Post acute/chronic


 Spinal Strengthening

Available with E3 Franchise only

Order # MC-PBC                                                  Patent 6672998

The PneuBack Chair with or without  unweighting allows muscles to be rehabilitated. 

Assembly Manual



“Every time my back went out I would spend days in bed.  I tried everything short of surgery.  The clinic in Sandpoint introduced me to the PneuBack Program.  I am doing things I thought I would never do again.  I ran with my dog for the first time in 15 years.”             Wes

"We love the  PneuBack Program!  We  see a lot of back injury patients and most of them have already been to other clinics over their years of back pain.  Once started in the program, patients often wish they could have come years ago.”     Don Gale, PT



  Available with E3 Franchise only

PneuAngle™ Adjuster    #UN-AA

Ability to un-weight in any vertical direction without moving Chair or PneuWeight station.  Attaches to a PneuWeight station.

Cervical Halter                      #SG-CTHM

Specific stabilized mobilization

Knee Bolster                      #RP-CKB  

Used to keep legs in correct position while exercising in PneuBack Chair

Chair Seat Extension   #RP-CSE

 Provides extra height for shorter patients while exercising in Chair.

Half Lumbar Roll             #RP-CLRH  

Provides support while exercising in Chair

Large Resistance Pad       #RP-CLRP        

Allows for more comfort during strengthening


The PneuBack Chair used in harmony with theThe PneuMAP generated protocols allows for precise exercise of spinal muscles. A print out from the MAP software gives protocol setup directions for the PneuBack Chair.











Assembly Manual